Was Jesus a Socialist?

Jesus gives advice and doesn't stutter
Jesus gives advice and doesn’t stutter

The Republicans Love the Jesus

When you think about the fandom of Jesus being mostly conservative republicans, it blows my mind to think about how the Christians in the US do not follow Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus Might Not Love the Republicans as Much

Jesus has always taught to share, give up your money for the poor, and help the helpless. Then why is it that most conservatives are constantly preaching against the welfare system, public services, and hoard money like it was a mental illness? Jesus himself said to love others just as he loves them. Take care of them and don’t judge them. Then why is that the GOP is constantly against the gay community?

Hypocrisy at Its Finest

It’s pure hypocrisy to think that Jesus would take bread fish and wine and feed the ones that do not have, and the people that worship him would charge for it all, or let them starve. It’s funny to imagine him coming back and shaming the ones that worship him just like he shamed the marketers in the temples and overturn their proverbial tables.

It’s funny to see that the GOP is in favor of rounding up the middle easterners and put them in Guantanamo Bay. They¬†would gladly put them in camps, as America has done before with the Japanese. Let’s not forget the two times in the history of the US when people were rounded up simply by having fingers pointed at them. Remember reading about the witch trials and the McCarthy Trials? It did happen before, so it can happen again. So while they’re hating on the Middle easterners, they don’t realize that most of them actually worship a Middle Easterner.

Republican Christian is an Oxymoron

Let’s call them what they really are. Charlatans. They will use whatever tools they can in order to fulfill their own gains, be it power, money, or control. They will live a life of delusion, and pray every night for their dinner, to a man they would imprison if he was to walk among us today. Especially if he was to wear a toga and slippers. I mean, he’d look like a homeless lunatic, claiming that he’s the son of God.

While we’re at it, let’s call religion what it is. It’s a control system. It’s cherry picked in order to favor personal agendas. If it will get you an election, you better end your speeches with “God bless America”.

The Other Side

Meanwhile, the atheists and “socialists” or democrats are the ones that are pushing for a better world supporting social services, child care, LGBT lifestyles, welfare, and anything else that even though might not permanently fix all of the world’s problem, can help a single mother make it through to pay rent so that maybe her kid can get a better education. Having grown up on welfare while my mom was going to school to become a nurse was a perfect example of those kinds of social services.

The Un-Christians

It’s very un-Christian to deny a single mom food for her kids, or any human the basic needs of a shelter just because you’ve worked your whole life. It’s pure jealousy. Why aren’t they out getting a job? Get a job! As if that’s the only way someone can magically fix their life. It takes more than that. Sure, it’s a start, but once you get a job, you really have very little time for anything else, such as taking care of your kids, or getting an education. Those social services are in place to help the ones that want to help themselves, and it makes it a bit easier and less stressful, because being poor is much more stressful than being rich.

A nice little comparison chart for the philosophies of democrats vs republicans.


In the end, the overall patterns are so that the most conservative worship a God that would in turn hate them… because that makes sense. (Sarcasm)


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