Prayer Does Not Work

Photo of doctors instead of religion meme
Prayer does not work, otherwise, we wouldn’t need┬ádoctors.

Although some religious folks would have you believe that prayer works because one time it worked for them. I just don’t know where to begin. Learning from personal experience, my mother has been a smoker her whole life. In her old age, her ankle bones just snapped. She just turned on her foot and “snap”. Funny thing is how she’s always prayed for health and went to church. She’s my mother, and I love her, but I think the dementia is kicking in.

She’s always been an active person too. She’s a nurse. Always on her feet, running around, and at times I’d have to catch up to her when going out for walks. How deluded do you have to be to not understand that no matter how much you pray, you’re not going to get it unless you take some actions yourself to accomplish whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish?

I suppose God heard her prayers and tried to send her messages, but not through texts, emails, or appear in front of her, or even part Lake Erie for her. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let’s just take it as a simple mathematical and statistical measure. There have been studies that have calculated the effectiveness of prayer, and sadly enough, even Wikipedia talks about how there’s little or no effect of prayer. Some studies even indicate that prayer can be bad for you. Just read up on this article.

Let’s say you tell me that you bought a really nice car. And that car starts every time you turn the key. Now let’s compare the starting of the car to effectiveness of prayer. If the car started 50% of the time when I turn the key, it would be a piece of junk. We would say, it doesn’t work. It’s crap. Let’s look at the effectiveness of prayer, coming in at a whopping 10%-25% in some cases. How can we say that something works when it only works 25% of the time, but if a car fails 50% of the time, it’s crap? You’re fooling only yourself.

Let’s compare it with medicine, the number one practice that many religious shun. If a doctor was as effective as prayers answered, he’d be in jail, for sure. Why aren’t we jailing prayer, or religion for that matter?

For something to work, it has to have a high probability of success. It’s can’t just randomly happen like rolling the dice. But, never fear, the religious have an answer for everything! If a prayer is not answered, it’s because God wanted it that way. Then what the heck is the whole point of praying? Might as well not pray in the first place, since God already has a plan for you.

Yes, the other half of prayer is used to be thankful to whatever supreme being you believe to be up there. Most of the time when I was involved in these “thankful” prayers, they’ve always (100% of the time) accompanied with some sort of “clause” to ask God for something. Dear Lord, thank you for this dinner. Now, give me a million dollars so I can be thankful some more.