Pastor Buys $65 Million Jet with Church Money

Religion, the best business there is. Ever wonder where all that money goes to? You give to your church, you’ve been giving to them for decades, to buy your way into heaven obviously, but how come there’s still poverty? How come there’s still homelessness? How come there’s still violence? With so many churches, you’d think their gods would watch over them. Well, some have a different use for all that money that could help feed the hungry.

Introducing a $65 million jet.

It’s not just a $10 million jet. Oh no, his God was really good to him for buying himself a multi million dollar house, obviously.

Let’s call it what it is. It’s a scam. And you’re telling me that a fair god exists out there somewhere, and that’s why income inequality is so huge, even between a pastor and his congregation.

When things get so bad in the US, and society is crumbling, I guess you have to prepare yourself for the worst. What’s next an island where you can retreat when religion fails?

And just to give you a better idea of that jet, here it is again, in plain/plane view. Pun intended.

So tell me again how your pastor is doing the work of Jesus.