It was written…

Because a bunch of guys who didn't know where the Sun went at night had all of the answers.
Because a bunch of guys who didn’t know where the Sun went at night had all of the answers.

And, this is what’s wrong with religion. Especially the three main ones (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism). If you think about it for a while, all of their books, the Qur’an, the Torah, and the Bible, were all books written by humans. They might have been more charismatic than the average bear, but they were still humans. And, unless they had a time machine, or knew more science than anyone else, they wrote what they knew based on the general scientific knowledge they held at the time.

I mean, looking at the bible in Genesis, and reading how the world was under a firmament, or dome, and it had 4 corners… well, you get the point. The only reason the Qur’an had mentions of the distance to the moon and sperm is responsible for making babies, and not storks, is because it was written hundreds of years later after the initial Bible. They had more time. They had more knowledge. That’s how they were able to add more scientifically accurate information. It’s not that their God knew better. Considering that all of those 3 gods were exactly the same god. How’s that for a mind bender.

In any way, you might say that science books are written by men. And you are correct in saying so, but you have to understand that science books have changed with new ideas and new research. Science books are being re-written every year. Religious books can’t do that. They do change, but it’s usually under a new religion, and with new “documentation”. Can you say Latter Day Saints?

My favorite part is how most Christians completely ignore most of what’s in Leviticus, and get tattoos and wear multiple types of threaded clothing. Look it up sometime. Use your googling skills.