Free Will vs. God’s Plan

a photo of God arguing free will and god's plan
Either there’s free will, or it’s God’s plan. It can’t be both.

So you think there’s free will, eh? So you think God has a plan for you, eh? Let’s examine these two scenarios. In one case, you are free to chose as you wish. In another, God already has a plan for you. What to believe? Well, some “friendly” Jehovah’s Witnesses decided to stop by… it was the last time they stopped by.

I simply asked them one simple question. “Why did eve take from the forbidden fruit”? I asked.

“Because God gave us free will to make choices”, they said.

“If he gave us free will, why does he intervene in every part of biblical history: The great flood, Sodom and Gomorrah”?

“Because he has a plan for us”.

So, their answers, back to back are “… we have free will…” and “… he has a plan…”.

Religion is bad simply for the reason that it’s very confusing. It defies all common sense. One would have to be really ignorant of logic, facts, and reality, in order to claim that religion is a good thing. It’s simply damaging to the human psyche and all logical reasoning.