Why this website exists?

A long time ago, I realized that I don’t need a god to help me live life. I was raised in a religious family. My grandfather was a cantor in the village church. Then, I discovered science, and my own curiosity of learning more. So, I started questioning the bible.

After realizing the amount of delusions one must accept in order to be on par with the “holy” book, I realized that I find more comfort in science when asking questions as religion always lead to unsatisfying answers such as, “It’s God’s way”, or “You shouldn’t ask those kinds of questions.” Whereas science had always had a way to find answers. Even if the answers were not the ones you liked, or if the answer was zero, at least you always had an actual quantifiable answer. Nothing left to interpretation… or at least very little left to interpretation.

To me, religion became a problem. All this suffering and devastation happening around our world, meanwhile kinds and dictators were living in comfort. Why would my God allow this to happen? In reality, my god shouldn’t, and he wouldn’t. With science, this would never happen, because it’s not logical to have starving kids in the same country with millionaires. It makes no sense.

So, I made this site in order to really try to understand how religion is so widely accepted as a good thing, despite all of the negative impacts it has made on the world. Because I have a scientific mind, I will try to disprove religion, as many scientists have tried to disprove gravity, the atom, electricity, and even something as simple as water tension and why it breaks with the simple use of soap.