Religious Priorities

Joel Osteen's 10 million dollar mansion
Joel Osteen’s 10 million dollar mansion

Yet another reason why religion is bad. Does Mr. Osteen know that what he’s doing is against everything Jesus stood for? I do remember reading about Jesus throwing men like him out of temples for their greed. How people still attend his mega churches and bask in the goodness of Jesus when the world is not yet at peace? I guess, all of the world’s problems have been solved.

  • Amber Boyle

    He practices the teaching, shares the words of Christ, teaches and transforms millions of lives. This is the secret formula to becoming a millionaire that all who are willing to commit and just do it can also have.
    Religion is bad when you become sheeple and can’t and won’t think for yourself. If you ask God to work through you, your gift will be shared with the world and money doesn’t become the obstacle instead it becomes the tool. Which is all money is a tool.

    • Charles Sonitz

      If I recall, Jesus did not live in a million dollar mansion when he preached. Money is a tool, but it should be used not for personal wealth but helping those in need. A $5 hammer will drive a nail just as good as one that costs a million dollars if you can find one. Riches on earth won’t buy a mansion in heaven.

  • CaliRose55

    Interesting, I clicked on this same house on another page and it says it belongs to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian…guess they all live together or someones lying lol